Shop devices, apparel, books, music & more. stream it or skip it: ' bloodride' on netflix, a norwegian horror anthology that uses dark humor to scare viewers". shop best sellers · fast shipping · deals of the day. with ine marie wilmann, dagny backer johnsen, nader khademi, stig r. bloodride is watchable, if you don' t like real horror, and it kind of reminds me bloodride of the american 1970' s broadcast tv' s timid attempts at horror programs. creators: kjetil indregard, atle knudsen. bloodride is a norwegian anthology television series created by kjetil indregard and atle knudsen and starring stig r. bloodride isn' t scary enough nor funny enough, and its half- hour format doesn' t give the writers enough time to make us care at all about the characters in each episode. bloodride is a norwegian anthology television series created by kjetil indregard and atle knudsen and starring stig r. a silent driver takes his doomed passengers towards an unknown destination.

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in this deliciously macabre horror anthology series, doomed passengers tell their stories aboard a spectral bus headed toward an unknown destination. amdam, anna bache- wiig and ellen bendu. | tv- ma | 1 season | tv horror. bloodride: created by kjetil indregard, atle knudsen. the series released on the platform on ma. the plot revolves around a bus and its driver, driving in the rain in the middle of the night. idealistic teacher sanna moves to a country school reopening after 40 years, where a mysterious tragedy reaches out to her from beyond the grave.

is bloodride a good show? bloodride ( blodtur in norway) is a norewegian horror anthology series on netflix. at their wild holiday office party, two new employees hear strange rumors and try to solve the mystery of a coworker' s grisly plunge from the roof. see their stories in this thrilling new horror anthology.

what is bloodride on netflix? who are the actors in the bloodride? the doomed passengers aboard a spectral bus head toward a gruesome, unknown destination in this deliciously macabre horror anthology series. ine marie wilmann bjørnar teigen emma spetalen magnusson watch in any order: official netflix page. the series develops well its stories and the mix of black humor and suspense. take your seat for bloo.

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